Hoot Mon! Rock a Tartan in 2016

Similar to exclusive prep school attire, tartan (a.k.a. plaid) takes the stage again as a preferred pattern selection in current style circle, showcased most conspicuously through uncompromising yet tasteful suits that showcase this timeless pattern. While tartans in standard historical colors work well to preserve a timeless feel, try out some more exciting variations for a more brilliant approach to this trend. Mustard or Red, accents will work as well as more prominent greens. These are just a few examples of bolder combination choices that will make a most dashing perception.

tartan jacket

A strong blazer in tartan will function perfectly as a prime focus for your attire, so accessorize sparingly so as to maintain a vibrant outline. Make sure your tartan apparel selections are well cut (do you have a good tailor?). For variety of texture and layers pick various other bright colors to match that brighter tartan vibe so as to soften a more prominent tartan coat, maintain this minimalist posture and simplicity in coloring.

If you think a vibrant tartan suit or blazer isn’t your cup of tea, attempt this trend with an accent on refinement (i.e., more subtle accessorizing), which will provide a prep feel without being too overwhelming or in-you-face. Interesting pocket squares, anyone? Or try a thin necktie.