Ink vs Inc: Consider Your Career Before Getting Sleeved

What You Need To Know Before Creating A Tattoo On Your Body

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art in history. This artistic form of body modification involves a process of creating permanent pictures, words, patterns, design or other markings on the skin by staining or pricking with an indelible dye or ink. Usually, a small needle is used to inject the dye under the surface of the skin through piercing.

In ancient times, tattooing was commonly practiced as a means of decorating the body which also held some symbolic significance. While some were applied for religious purpose others were used as status symbols to mark prisoners, slaves, and other criminals.

But today, this symbolic form of art is employed used for aesthetic purposes i.e. as a form of self-expression and body decoration. While many modern tattoos may be very elaborate, there are still some that can be quite simple.

Different images or inscriptions can range from iconic scenes and ornate portraits to cartoon characters and simple flowers. Although not all tattoos have great significance to those who wear them, however, most wearers have tattoos that mean something to them like representing something they cherish so much or marking an important moment of change in their lives.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, here are some important tips you need to know.

man with shoulder tattoo

Ensure You Are Ready

Tattoos are permanent modifications on the skin. Although, they can now be removed by laser, note that this procedure hurts even more than getting a tattoo and it can be very pricey. So you must be 100 percent sure you want a tattoo before getting it. If you feel as if the tattoo is already there but yet to make its way to the surface, then you are ripe for one. But if your heart is unsettled about having a tattoo, then you should probably back off, at least for now.

Rightly Decide on What to Get

It is probably not the right time to get a tattoo if you have to think too hard about what you need. But if your mind is strong on what you need then it is good to choose something that great significance i.e. your tattoo should be both sentimental and timeless. Always consider the future and what you would still want years from now when doing your research.

Keep It Clean

Go for something you will be satisfied with in the long run and keep it clean. Whether it’s visible or hidden, it good to have something presentable. These days, tattoos can be created on any part of the body. They can be conservatively placed on the wrist, romantically inscribed on the ribs or even powerfully decorated on the calves.

Consider your career

If you must have tattoos, it is highly recommended to avoid certain over-conspicuous areas like the neck, face, and hands. These few spots are known as “job killers.” Tattoos places on these spots can affect your chances of getting employed no matter how attractive they may be.