In Praise of the Boot

It may be a trend started by the Beatles, but men’s boots doesn’t seem to be losing any steam.

Whether it’s the British Invasion style Chelsea or a casual Chukka, these footwear staples deserve at least some space in the closet.

So what’s right for whom?


With nods to anarchy or warfare, the combat boot is usually the province of the young and possibly hip. With dramatic styling and heft, these boots make an immediate statement.  Variations and cousins include similarly-styled double-monk-strap. Big. Heavy. Black. Unafraid. Not the type we’d wear to a fete in the garden. Utilitarian and long-lived, these boots have a limited range socially. Of course these aren’t just for the young. It’s all about attitude and there’s many a grizzled old soul who prefers the thump of a heavy boot to lighter wear.


There’s a much greater latitude in this area, from dressed down to out on the town. Variants in this category include the aforementioned Chelsea which can be worn with jeans or a pair of dress pants, and likewise the Chukka. This is the stuff more of Steve Jobs than of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

casual boots


On the more formal side, designers have taken stolid business staples like the brogue and increased the neck to turn workingwear into something with a little flair. Indeed you won’t immediately notice they’re boots unless the person wearing them sits down and crosses his legs. Perhaps these fit the man who wants to appear conservative but who also has an adventurous streak? We wouldn’t go so far as to say these are the footwear equivalent of the mullet, but…

Pricing runs the gamut on each of these as well. Joe Average might pick up a pair of steel-toed work boots for fifty bucks, but a Park Avenue aesthete might plunk down $1500 for a pair of John Lobb jodhpurs and think nothing of it.

Regardless of the man, the boot still has a featured role to play in his wardrobe from desert sands, to mucky moors or a Beverly Hills cocktail party, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Ink vs Inc: Consider Your Career Before Getting Sleeved

What You Need To Know Before Creating A Tattoo On Your Body

Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of art in history. This artistic form of body modification involves a process of creating permanent pictures, words, patterns, design or other markings on the skin by staining or pricking with an indelible dye or ink. Usually, a small needle is used to inject the dye under the surface of the skin through piercing.

In ancient times, tattooing was commonly practiced as a means of decorating the body which also held some symbolic significance. While some were applied for religious purpose others were used as status symbols to mark prisoners, slaves, and other criminals.

But today, this symbolic form of art is employed used for aesthetic purposes i.e. as a form of self-expression and body decoration. While many modern tattoos may be very elaborate, there are still some that can be quite simple.

Different images or inscriptions can range from iconic scenes and ornate portraits to cartoon characters and simple flowers. Although not all tattoos have great significance to those who wear them, however, most wearers have tattoos that mean something to them like representing something they cherish so much or marking an important moment of change in their lives.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, here are some important tips you need to know.

man with shoulder tattoo

Ensure You Are Ready

Tattoos are permanent modifications on the skin. Although, they can now be removed by laser, note that this procedure hurts even more than getting a tattoo and it can be very pricey. So you must be 100 percent sure you want a tattoo before getting it. If you feel as if the tattoo is already there but yet to make its way to the surface, then you are ripe for one. But if your heart is unsettled about having a tattoo, then you should probably back off, at least for now.

Rightly Decide on What to Get

It is probably not the right time to get a tattoo if you have to think too hard about what you need. But if your mind is strong on what you need then it is good to choose something that great significance i.e. your tattoo should be both sentimental and timeless. Always consider the future and what you would still want years from now when doing your research.

Keep It Clean

Go for something you will be satisfied with in the long run and keep it clean. Whether it’s visible or hidden, it good to have something presentable. These days, tattoos can be created on any part of the body. They can be conservatively placed on the wrist, romantically inscribed on the ribs or even powerfully decorated on the calves.

Consider your career

If you must have tattoos, it is highly recommended to avoid certain over-conspicuous areas like the neck, face, and hands. These few spots are known as “job killers.” Tattoos places on these spots can affect your chances of getting employed no matter how attractive they may be.

Stubble Beards Still Going Strong in 2016

We’ve seen too many fur-trapper style beards pop up over the last few years. Unless you’re Abe Lincoln or Sebastian Cabot, we think the look is one whose departure is long overdue. Celebrities like Leo DiCaprio may have dabbled in the look, and there’s no doubt it does add a certain overwhelming masculinity to the wearer, but it’s a bit much. Need we mention Brad Pitt, Stephen Colbert (looking like he just arrived at the Yukon gold rush), or Jim Carrey?

Some will stand by their beards and eschew the razor come hell or high water, but it seems  overly long facial hair has seen its heyday as the Wall Street Journal recently reported. Not so for stubble, though.

the stubble beard

While it’s not for all men, the stubble beard look continues to be popular in 2016 just as it was in the 90s when we first saw this trend make the scene. Everyone (well so it seems) from product pitchmen to TV personalities still sport the short facial locks. Unlike the longer beards, stubble brings with it elements of both the casual and sophisticated. Unlike its weightier counterpart, stubble may actually be acceptable in the corporate environment. We say no, but who are we? And the thought of the extra work involved to maintain stubble at the appropriate length seems like a luxury most working stiffs don’t have. This type of maintenance is better suited to the aesthete than Joe Average. Still, if you must…

So how do we maintain the look and prevent ourselves from devolving into a grizzled old prospector? It’s relatively easy.

Barbers recommend using a beard trimmer (electric, of course) at the lowest guard setting. Mow the beard area consistently to make sure the hair length is even in every area. Stray hairs in the mustache may require a clip here an there with scissors. Don’t let your beard grow below the adam’s apple; make a clean “border” using your trimmer without a guard.

Once satisfied, leave the stubble for a couple of days then repeat the process.

What does your watch say?

wrist watch photo

Not all men wear jewelry, but most wear a watch and yours can say a lot about you. You may not think twice about your timepiece, but others do. So what does your watch say about you? A large bezel or think band could be a clue that you’re rugged and physically powerful. A thin watch may subtly give you an air of sophistication. The number of watches is almost countless. Apple watches seem ubiquitous, but does that make them utilitarian or high-tech?

Some brands are more well known and sporting a Rolex is a dead giveaway in our eyes that the man wearing it wants people to know he’s wealthy. Still, there are other Swiss models that don’t have quite the same brand recognition but cost ten times as much.

A quick perusal of Watch Time magazine will give you an overview from the ultra thin to visible mechanisms.


Perhaps nothing makes as loud a statement as the quiet subtlety of a fine wristwatch. One look at a man wearing the Richard Mille RM038 (priced near $400,000) tells you he’s wildly successful. Those in the know, know, and little else need be said. If you have the money, you can spend twice as much for other brands too. Hublots and Rolexes, too, although somewhat less pricey can silently announce your presence and status. Hublot’s more industrial feel may give the wearer a more unique cache than the traditional Rolex.


Sports watches abound, but for the man who aspires to ruggedness, a Panerai suits him well. Used by the like of Sly Stallone, these near-indestructable timepieces keep up with an active lifestyle. Likewise, an Omega (now more famous as the watch of James Bond) is durable, attractive. Sporting one of these lets the world know you value dependability but also a spirit of adventure.


The man wearing a chronograph like a Breitling exudes not only status but preparedness. It says “I’ve got all the information I need on my wrist.” Sturdy and fashionable, a chronograph provides time, date, minutes and seconds at a glance. Originally a pilot’s watch, a Breitling lets the earthbound emulate our high flying counterparts. If we can’t take the yoke of a 787, we can at least push the buttons on our watches!

Of course no watch is worth the cost if it isn’t accurate and all those we’ve mentioned are precise instruments. The Swiss pride themselves on accuracy and whatever the watch or style reliability isn’t an issue.

So what’s yours? Status? Endurance? Function? You’ll decide. And other will notice.

Hoot Mon! Rock a Tartan in 2016

Similar to exclusive prep school attire, tartan (a.k.a. plaid) takes the stage again as a preferred pattern selection in current style circle, showcased most conspicuously through uncompromising yet tasteful suits that showcase this timeless pattern. While tartans in standard historical colors work well to preserve a timeless feel, try out some more exciting variations for a more brilliant approach to this trend. Mustard or Red, accents will work as well as more prominent greens. These are just a few examples of bolder combination choices that will make a most dashing perception.

tartan jacket

A strong blazer in tartan will function perfectly as a prime focus for your attire, so accessorize sparingly so as to maintain a vibrant outline. Make sure your tartan apparel selections are well cut (do you have a good tailor?). For variety of texture and layers pick various other bright colors to match that brighter tartan vibe so as to soften a more prominent tartan coat, maintain this minimalist posture and simplicity in coloring.

If you think a vibrant tartan suit or blazer isn’t your cup of tea, attempt this trend with an accent on refinement (i.e., more subtle accessorizing), which will provide a prep feel without being too overwhelming or in-you-face. Interesting pocket squares, anyone? Or try a thin necktie.

Buy a suit for the Holidays

Have you ever before seen a trendy individual on the road and questioned exactly what he has that you don’t? Often it’s simply a few essential products as well as a correct sophisticated fit that makes that person look much better compared to other individuals. So why aren’t you like that guy? It is important that every guy should have a great outfit in his closet for the holidays. Much takes place during Yuletide in terms of celebrations and also for making declarations. Purchasing a great jacket, if you do not own one, is an excellent financial investment.

Gentleman in the know know that a great jacket or suit will last you a very long time when it’s well-looked-after. We’re talking classic, investment-worthy pieces that every guy needs to have in their cupboard. Having at the very least one men’s style match can make you appear like a million wardrobe. You can don the very same suit many times and also swap out your dress shirt and necktie for multiple looks. Are you the kind of guy that tries an old set of pants that you match with a sports coat? That is not the great fit of which we speak. Some may call this casual (we call it lazy) and it’s far from formal or appropriate for company meetings. 3-piece men’s suits are optimal—and do make sure pants and jacket match!

If you do not possess an such a suit-of-clothes, the holiday season is the perfect time to invest in such. Call it an early Christmas present to yourself. A stylish suit is the one standard element that every man ought to have in his armoire. Go for a tailor made suit (for a perfect fit) or (at the very least!) one that suits your physique correctly. A new suit will benefit you now and in the future. For any year end soirees this joyful season, then you will certainly should have a sophisticated suit if you intend to make a it will certainly not hurt to impress your colleagues and your superiors.

A top-quality suit will always be in style as long as you learn how to pair it with your ties and shirts. Think you’re not a suit and tie guy? We can honestly say that there WILL come a time when you’ll need one. Even if your wearings are few and far between, you friends are going to think you’re a celebrity. For semi-formal celebrations you could dress down by wearing your jacket with a tee shirt (stylish, of course—not the one you work out at the gym with). This juxtaposition of casual and formal can be fairly trendy.

To conclude, while not a life-or-death issue, the holidays are a perfect excuse to purchase a classic suit.